New Update - beta 5

I wanted to address some bugs that Ludum Dare commenters pointed out so I build a new version. Also fixed a few bugs and added a pause menu since I guess some people might want to restart or quit mid-game (pffft, quitters)


Beta 5 

  • Added pause menu with restart and exit buttons (yay!)
  • Fixed some issues with reseting the camera between frames
  • Fixed an issue where spacebar could send the game into a frenzy. Oops.
  • Some other minor fixes and improvements.

Beta 4

  • Fixed a problem with a pin on Frame 9 that couldn't be knocked down
  •  Made red barrels easier to explode
  • New Grenade model and collider
  • Minor tweaks to pin locations

Beta 3 

  • Added a loading scene/progress bar
  • Added a way to quit from the main menu

Beta 2 

  • Improved pin falling detection
  • Fixed a bug related to scoring spares

Known Issues/To Do

  • Sometimes the game throws the grenade before letting go of the mouse button
  • In some cases the camera falls through the floor, which is totally shouldn't,
  • On Frame 10 it's possible to be placed inside a fallen crate from the previous frame
  • In frame 5,  it's a little unclear where the pins are (behind the rock).
  • Need some music or more ambient music/SFX.  Ran out of time in the game jam, will do this one day.


Modern Bowlfare - win - b5 73 MB
May 08, 2018
Modern Bowlfare - macOS - b5 79 MB
May 08, 2018

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